Cambria, CA

gray coat- vintage 1960s jonathan logan
dress- topshop
tights- topshop
boots- rachel comey
"bemused" expression- 5 hours spent in the car with my mom

these were taken on a little overnight trip with my mom this past weekend.  we drove about 4 hours south to a pretty little town called cambria that's full of antique shops and right on the ocean.  i had been there with damien over fourth of july and wanted to go back with my mom as she's a vintage/thrift huntress just like me.  despite the fact that i was just getting over being a little under the weather, we had a fab time eating and shopping, with just a minimal amount of bickering.  mainly it was totally fun and we both came home with quite a few treasures and lots of new information we can blackmail each other with in the future (should it ever come down to that). some people call it bonding i guess. 
you may recognize the coat i've got on-- it was in the shop, but i made the fatal mistake of trying it on (oops!) with navy blue and marigold and discovered my new favorite color combo.  so now it lives with me permanently.  it's suprisingly rare that i do that: once i commit something to the shop it usually stays there, but this one was just calling too loudly.  don't worry there's lots of other coats that i promise not to try on right here.

and don't forget, the thanksgiving sale continues through monday night: 20% off the entire shop with the coupon code, WISHBONE.


  1. It's an amazing coat, I can see why you kept it! You'll have to share photos of your vintage haul soon, my family loves antiquing/thrifting too so we'll spend hours scouring shops when I go back home.

  2. Yay, Cambria! My husband and I went there for our anniversary one year in the winter and it was so peaceful and pretty. Also, your outfit is faaabulooous...I really like how the sweater looks with the dress, and that coat is seriously amazing, wow.

  3. What a lovely coat! I love the simplicity and great colour scheme of this outfit and would happily wear any of those items (or all of them together)

  4. that coat is so beautiful.
    i love the placement of the side buttons and the perfect collar.
    you look beautiful.

  5. thanks gee-- i am so glad i decide to hang onto it!

  6. that coat is awesome, i love the round collar. so great you went thrifting with your mom.

  7. I wonder what your mother (the original fashionista) wore.
    Did you make it up to the Castle?

  8. kate-- my mom doesn't like to appear in photos. but trust me she is just as vain as i am (in a good way, that is!).

    didn't do hearst castle. thay've split up the tour into three separate ones-- kind of a rip-off.


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