♥ New Fall Stock ♥

Tons of new Fall separates in the shop right now -- all classic pieces largely inspired by this movie.  I think the Ferragamo boots have to be my absolute favorite of the bunch and it took ALL my willpower not to try them on because they are my size unfortunately.   Have a look at the shop right hereAnd please watch that movie if you haven't already seen it!


  1. those boots are really amazing!

    thanks for your comment on my post last week (i ended up deleting it--chicken!). means a lot. you are so lucky to find a p/t that has benefits!! i think i've decided to def do something part time...but what?! i'm on the hunt! it is so nice to have people who understand the situation and are supportive, even on the internet!! ♥

  2. Oh man, don't you just hate that when you're trying to sell something but darn it, it fits you perfect as well! When I was selling some of my things, I would seriously cringe when someone was willing to buy one of my favorite items, like a pair of earrings or a lovely skirt.


  3. Just stumbled upon your blog...love your style. Some gorgeous finds here...I particularly love the boots and the nautical-style dress in the third pic!


  4. What beautiful pieces!! I have my eye on the second dress from the bottom. Also, I LOVE LOVE STORY!! It's such a great story, such a classic. I might just have to go watch it now...


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