Mill Valley, CA

 leather jacket- LF
dress- J.Crew via thrift store
sandals- BCBG

Found this silk georgette butterfly print dress at a thrift shop a few weeks ago and wore it to lunch in Mill Valley on Sunday.  It's for sure of my best finds of the summer by far.  For those of you not familiar with the area, Mill Valley is in Marin County, right over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's known for it's houseboats, its left-wing politics, and its L.A.-shunning celebrities. Plus it's sunny 90% of the time, regardless of how overcast it is in the City.  Everytime I go over there I think ,"why don't we come out here more often?"  I guess the fact that it's a bridge toll away, makes it mentally seem further than it is?  Whatever the reason, I definitely plan on spending more time on this side of the bay in months to come-- Indian Summer is just around the corner!


  1. A lovely day, a lovely girl and that dress! (oh-la-la).The one of you standing with your back to to us would make a lovely postcard.

  2. I love that you took the drive across the bridge looks like it was so worth it. I love this butterfly print dress. Love the light layers and the length!

  3. I love the butterfly print dress :) looks like a gorgeous day, lovely pictures X

  4. These photos are so beautiful! Summer isn't really my favorite season (I'm a cool weather gal), but something about vacationing at the beach has made me nostalgic for all things hot, sunny, and hazy. And I am absolutely smitten with your dress! The butterfly print and floaty fabric make for a really beautiful, romantic look. :)

  5. i love that jcrew dress! i used to work there when they still carried it :) do you do partnerships on your blog? like if you have a shop ad we could swap? check out the left sidebar of my blog to see if you'd like to be partners :)

  6. ooh hope you are excited for your ireland trip. Give me an email: and i'll try think of a few good spots for you to shop in! I love Belfast but lets be honest, ireland is always going to disappoint a San Fran shopper :) Let me know your dates and I can tell you if any markets or fairs are on too!

  7. you found that dress at a thrift store....DAMMMMMnnnn! its awesome, you look devint and you really can't beat that print, it reminds me of the print on that stick on nail polish stuff you can get at wallgreens. I can not wait for our indian summer....we got a wee taster the other day

  8. stunning! This place sounds incredible - and that dress seems like just the thing for it :)


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