Remember I mentioned the town my cousin lives in is haunted?  Well, I went back up to see her on Saturday and we stopped by one of the most notoriously haunted houses in her neighborhood.  It's called "the Gomez House" named after a family who was massacred there in the late 1800s.  The house itself is pretty creepy and as I was editing these photos I could have sworn I saw something peeking out of the blinds in the third photo.  You might also notice there's a cable satellite dish attached to the roof, which sort of  takes away from the ghostly appeal if you ask me.  Apparently this place has been made into a landmark and has a caretaker that tends to the roses and makes sure no vagrants move in.  I guess they apparently also like to watch cable when they come by. (?!)  Go figure.   I guess I'd probably want some noise in the background too if I was taking care of this place.  Anyway, all this ghost-hunting didn't stop me from being really thrilled about my new watch though--  it's huge and oversized and has the perfect rose gold finish.  Just the perfect accessory to scare the ghosts away (not so much).

So what do you think, can you see something in that third photo or am I just imagining things? 

dress- 1960s vintage
watch- Fossil


  1. That third photo is totally scary! It looks like a face with hollowed-out eyes. My friend was just telling me about an old haunted house down here in L.A. where some guy killed his wife in the '60s and then went after the kids, who escaped. Apparently someone else bought the house afterward but didn't live in it or change anything inside, and if you look in the windows you can even see unopened Christmas gifts.

  2. i love that paisley! those pictures are pretty creepy. i love the broken window blinds. i wonder if the place really is haunted...

  3. such pretty pictures!! And you're hair is adorable.


  4. you are brave. and you look adorable in that dress, it's a greta color and pattern

  5. You seem to be pretty relaxed, I guess the souls are gone or trapped in...its hard to tell if the blind is just broken or if done ghost is taking a peek. Your paisly dress is lovely. Great photos. Def have a spooky vibe

  6. I love haunted houses. I want to visit this spooky little gem. Where is it at? Loving the dress! And I really do think there is something peeking out from those blinds. xx

  7. jenny & heather: thank you for not making feel like i am paranoid!

  8. lovely photos!
    i tend to have an overactive imagination, so when you mentioned the possibility of something peeking out from behind those blinds, i think i kind of saw something too...and now it's freaking me out.

  9. Creeeeepyyy!!! That house definitely looks haunted...you were very brave to get so close hehe! I love your dress, and your new rose gold watch is lovely! And I think that Damien did a fantastic job of taking clear photos of you as well! :)

  10. how sppppooooooky! AHH! i love that dress though. We need to arrange a cocktail evening soon. this is getting silly. Hows Friday for you?


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