Friday, September 28, 2012

Sleep Pretty!

1960s Chatelet chemise - size small
1970s Vanity Fair teddy - size medium to small

1960s Petit Trianon slip - size small

1960s Sweet Dreams nightgown - size small to medium

1960s Calibrian Nights slip - size small to medium

vintage Tube Rose camisole - size medium

1960s  Georgie Keyloun silk house coat - size medium to large
1960s Blue Moon bed jacket - size small to medium

1950s  A Rose is a Rose nightgown - size small to medium

1960s Lolita slip - size medium to large
Years ago, I remember a friend telling me  that she made a promise to her boyfriend (now her husband),  that as long as they were together she would never let him see her wearing flannel pajamas.  Granted they live in California, where that's a reasonable option,  I thought back then (and still think today), that the "no flannel" rule are words to live by.

Which brings me to the point of this post:  the shop's newest obsession is pretty lacy things to sleep in or just lounge in, 

all available now in THE BUDOIR. (no flannel allowed :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big Island


Before summer offically ends , I thought I'd better share some snaps from a trip I took to the Big Island with my mom in August. It was just the two of us and so we spent the days driving around the island, stopping wherever we felt like to explore whatever little town or beach caught our fancy.  We stumbled upon a surprising amount of antique and thrift shops, most of them way overpriced but still fun to check out plus they kept me from going into vintage withdrawl.  We also consumed a fair amount of exotic local fruits on this trip and since my mom has a sweet tooth like me, a fair amount of desserts and pastries.  Every night after a long day of being out and about, we'd watch Golden Girls, which seemed to be on 24-7 and then wake up early the next day to a delicious cup of local Kona.  I've never been much of a coffee connoseuir but now I can totally see what the big deal is. 

I'd say the most  challenging part of the trip was convincing my mom that no, she did not need to purchase another ukelele. I say another ukelele because she already has one at home which she has never learned to play (along with a lute, some sort of xelephone looking thing and various other "alternative" instruments). I had to remind her that the airline only allows you one personal item so you'd have to leave your purse behind if you do buy it. It did the trick and she ended up buying an instructional book instead.  The sales guy scowled but victory was mine. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For the Love of Pockets

dress- 1960s vintage
shoes- Swedish Hasbeens
bag- Chloe via Ebay
poncho- 1970s vintage

I just picked up this dress a few weeks ago during a day long thrifting trip in Silicon Valley.  Once I saw it on the rack I mentally checked off all the things that made it perfect-- cute print, bright colors, the perfect silhouette and to top it off I found it had pockets!  Once I realized it had the pockets feature it all my willpower for placing it in the shop went right out the window.   

psst...I promise not to not hoard all the pocketed dresses for myself!  -- there's one here ,  here , here and here. And I'm always on the lookout for more, rest assured. ;)

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