Shop Update: The Color Wheel

1960s Always a Pleasure Dress / 1960s Spring Waltz Dress  / High Contrast Flats  

1960s Line by Line Coat / 1960s Serpentine Bag   / 1980s Opening Night Blouse

1960s Coral Dreams Pyjama Set

1980s Life of the Party Dress

1980s Many Fetes Dress

1950s Love Letter Dress

1970s Pachtwork Sweater / 1960s Anacapri Sandals / 1960s Miramonte Sandals

1960s Coral Dreams Pyjamas Set

1980s Sound Advice Coat / 1980s At Attention Coat

1970s Tulum Poncho / 1940s Burnished Cream Heels

A whole lotta color just made it's way into the shop! There's no better antidote to shorter days and lower temperatures as far as I'm concered ...  Have a peek at the shop here or just click on a description to see the full listing.

p.s.  A funny thing I've noticed is that I tend to inadvertently dress in the colors of my shop updates for that week...(proof I take my work very seriously! :)


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