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here you have a long overdue blog update of some of what's new in the boutique-- at the moment the newest of the new includes a lemon and mint color story-- one of my favorite palettes for spring and all over the place in the fashion mags at the moment.    the update preceding this soft palette was pretty much the opposite-- bright fuschia, corals and blues.  so whether you've got a spring wedding to go to, or a bachlorette party in vegas, we've pretty much got you covered.
(just click on a photo to see the complete listing)


  1. I'm in complete awe, that's such an amazingly beautiful array of garments.


  2. How is it that you know EXACTLY what I love?! I caved, btw, and started a blog. Look for a post called "I was a Girl in Custard Heart" one of these days. xo- hunbun

  3. Wowsers! So many amazing pieces!!! Those shorts are ridiculously cute too! By the way, my husband gifted me a dress from your shop and I adore it! I can't wait to wear it this summer!


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