Monday, April 9, 2012

Polyester: A Love Affair


dress- vintage
lilac sheer tights(aka pantyhose:)- hue
platform sandals- franco sarto

i've prob said this before, but a dress with a cute print gets me every time. this one i had on this weekend is one of my favorites--  i've had it for many years now and it never lets me down with its comfort (pockets!) and surprising versatility. and guess what? its made of the fabric that's scorned by many and once loved by all-- good ol' polyester.   
i've found my philosophy on poly has changed over the years.  in high school and my early 20s i thought it was the cat's meow, then i went through a snobby "no-freaking way i'm wearing poly" phase and in the last few years, depending on how cute the dress is, and the weight of the fabric, i've got no problem at all wearing it.  (all poly is definitely not made the same i can tell you that!)  plus, since i can just throw it in the wash, its the perfect  fabric to wear when i want to snuggle with my favorite four-legged monster without worrying about dirty paw prints.  yeah, i'd say a little bit of poly is probably in my wardrobe to stay.


  1. what a precious dress! lovely, I love a great print too.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. There we go! I was dying to see who was on the end of the lead.

    I love poly, too. :D

  3. A truly excellent dress, the pattern is fantastic. Very retro indeed. I too have a love/hate relationship with polyester and it makes me uncomfortably warm yet i still find myself wearing it over and over again.

    great blog


  4. I'm with you on that one. If it's a gorgeous print like this dear dress then who cares if it's poly or not!

  5. For me "no poly" is a good rule for shopping online, when I can't check out the feel of the fabric or how sweaty I'd be in it. In person, I can make a better judgement.

  6. I am sort of in love with polyester. Its all so different. I stay away from the thick, itchy kind. I love how easy it is to care for. No fuss. The dress is adorable.

  7. Gorgeous pics!
    I am usually not that happy about poly - but this printed dress is fantastic.

  8. love the photos! great outfit


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