"Miss Elliette"

dress- vintage miss elliette, c. 1960s
belt - vintage, c. 1980s
shoes- christian louboutin

if there's one thing our landlord is good for-- its for inadvertently providing "authentic vintage backdrops".  our building hasn't been renovated since around the time this dress was made-- oh, sometime around the early 1960s or so.  so with that in mind i thought it would be nice to take advantage of our low-lit lobby and take some snaps of this dress before going to dinner last weekend.
now about the dress--  it was the collar that initially drew me in of course, and the matching cuffs just sealed the deal.  i just love the swingy chiffon pleats as well, and although  i'm hanging on to this one, in the shop i've got another cocktail dress by the same "miss elliette" label that's got  a similar feminine cut, and just as adorable.  i've learned to scoop up a "miss elliette" as soon as i see it.  they always seem to be so super feminine and classic.  two things i always seem to look for when buying vintage.


  1. I really like the graininess of these photos. It goes with the feel of the dress and your old building. My landlord is the same way!

  2. You beauty! How lovely is this dress?

    My parents are my landlords which can be tricky at times, I just can't seem to convince them to install gas and central heating for next winter which makes me think they'll never view me as a true tenant even though my boyfriend and I pay rent!

  3. The dress is gorge and I love the shoes you have paired it with. Perfection.

  4. This dress is perfect for a romantic dinner! I love the sheer sleeves and white detailing!

  5. I'm always a fan of pleated chiffon skirts & long sleeves on dresses. The black & white is a great graphic combo and the nude heels are a fun choice. Your legs also look super long in these photos!

  6. your louboutins are so glamorous! love the swingy hem on the skirt, you look so chic. Hope you are well xox

  7. Hello lovely, I gave my Custard Heart Vintage blue dress another whirl the other day and styled it LOADS better than the first time.



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