Winter Wool

wool jacket- Mayle, thrifted
sweater- Autumn Cashmere via Loehmann's
pants- vintage, thrifted
boots- Aldo (from a few years back)

these pics were taken a couple weeks ago on the coast in pacifica, and actually on the other side of the fence is where i worked at my very first job the summer i was 13.  i was a dog walker/care taker for six dogs that belonged to a rich widow that lived on the property (which you can't see, but it's nestled in those pine trees).  she's got this awesome house built in the 1920s, with a private staircase leading down to the beach (and a tacky dollar sign mosaic on the chimney believe it or not).   twice a day i would walk the six dogs down to the beach and come back to the house and brush them, clean their sleeping quarters and then cook them lunch and dinner (nothing fancy, just brown rice and chicken, you know). my employer also conveniently added to my list of duties:  laundry, vacuuming and dusting in her part of the house as well.  i was essentialy her little 13 year old cleaning lady.    i'm sure there were probably some child labor laws that were being violated, but i was just happy to be making money and working around animals.

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  1. there is a famous dog walker in boulder where i used to live. she has long, white crazy hair, and big black glasses. i often wonder what her life is like. i love your necklace. is it a whistle?

  2. whoa the dogs got hot cooked meals...pretty fancy. love your outfit by the way and happy 2012 lady cheers!


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