Fake Fur in Real Time

coat- vintage and thrifted
sweater- J. Crew outlet
turtleneck- Loehmann's
skirt- vintage
tights- probably Hue
flats- J. Crew outlet
bag- Enzo Angiolini via Loehmann's
butterfly pin- thrifted

this coat i'm wearing today is the newest addition to my closet that i thrifted it a couple weeks ago.   it's fast becoming my favorite coat this year.  i love the bow in the back-- that really makes it for me.  i'm still a bit conflicted about wearing vintage fur so i'd like to think the collar is fake (even though i'm pretty sure it's real unfortunately).  i used to rationalize that the fact the animal was killed way before my time absolved me of any responsibility,  but lately  i feel like i'm consenting to the whole fur industry even if it is vintage. how do you feel about the whole vinatage fur thing?  do you only wear vintage fur, or do you shun the whole concept, vintage or new?

forgive all the gratuitous nail shots. i just really love this nail polish color and i'm still kind of new to the shellac manicure thing. it's one of the best beauty inventions of the 21st century "hands down" in my opinion (corny pun intended : ).

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  1. I also was slightly tempted to wear vintage fur, I have found the most GORGEOUS pieces while thrifting. But I have to leave them on the rack. I can't wear it, it would be way too hypocritical of me because I am very against the fur industry today. Love the way you added the color to this outfit,
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. that coat is sooo incredible!! the bow! the classic black! the leopard print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maria, how do you manage to thrift the most amazing pieces. This coat is stunning. I can see how it is a favourite.

    I like this red shoe red tights thing you got going on too.

    I am so torn with fur. I would never dream of owning anything fur which wasn't vintage...even so it does perpetuate the trend of fur so I always have a guilty feeling when ever I pull out a piece.


  4. Wow! I love this bright outfit. The bow on the back of your coat is such a sweet detail and your nails look great.

    I also feel torn. I also justify that its old sort of how I justify vintage and antique diamond jewelry but by wearing fur and or diamonds it does promote and maintain the culture.

    PS I moved my money...I now use a small bank. That video you shared was great. I was meaning to move it and then that post of yours certainly motivated me to do it. Thanks

    Happy Holidays lady!

  5. i really want to try these long manicures, in the new year def going to treat myself. Love red tights and red shoes, always want to colour match my tights and shoes..needless to say you look as chic as ever :) have a really wonderful Christmas Maria, seasons greetings from Ireland


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