Whimsical Weather Vanes

With the cold weather that's finally in town my husband and I have  been hanging out near the fire every night crafting and reading and the other night we decided to build this gingerbread house I had bought.

Custard Heart Vintage Dream House with heart weather vanes
It was a pre-fab so all we had to do was the fun part--decorating.  When it came down to it, Damien was actually the site foreman on the job and I was the only worker, but anyway, we decided that the one thing that our fairytale house was missing  was a weather vane--there's just something about weather vanes that add a fairytale aspect to any house.  I have decided it's on my must-have list when it comes to buying a non-edible house one day. 

One of my favorites--perfect for a house in Cape Cod!

on the Tower of London

on the Wimbledon-Chase building, London

Send mixed signals and wear your claddagh on your house instead of your finger!


Needs a bigger weather vane but love the house and wild garden.



  1. I see gift certificates on the sidebar. Yay! Just in time for the holidays.


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