Style Spotlight: Anna Karina

One of the my all time favorite style heroes, Anna Karina... model... actress.. muse of the new wave ...wife of Godard... truly iconic beauty.

with frequent fellow New Wave co-star,  Jean Paul Belmondo

with Serge Gainsbourg


                      behind the scenes: on set with Godard shooting,  A Woman is a Woman

What would Anna's clothing picks be today?

1960s Color Blocked Shift found at Castaway Vintage

1960s Mohair Wool Coat  found at Huckleberry Vintage

1960s Empire Dress found at Moonshine Hill
1960s Peach Sorbet Dress found at Hinterland Vintage

 1960s Zig Zag Fur Collar Swing Coat found at Custard Heart Vintage
1960s Feather Trim Dress  found at Vortex Vintage


  1. Beautiful post. I had forgotten how beautiful Anna Karina is and how contemporary her look is now. You've caught her style!


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