Ireland, June 2014

Rosapenna Beach
Downings, a cute little seaside town where Damien spent summers as a kid
with Shane and Darcey, my darling 3 year old niece
Shane, Damien and my mother-in- law Claire
Father's Day at Castle Grove mansion
helping with the luggage
Rosapenna beach

This last trip to Ireland was bittersweet.  Damiens father passed away suddenly around Easter time so this was our first trip back since his passing.  We spent most of  our time with family as we always do, but this time even more so.  It was especially important to see how his mom was doing and make sure she was doing ok with our eyes.  Phone calls just are great and all, but they just aren't the same as seeing someone in person.  Anyway, she's a strong lady and has tons of friends around her that visit almost daily, not to mention Damien's sister and her kids live only 20 minutes away.  Shane totally bonded with his cousin Darcey, who is the sweetest, most patient 3 year old I've ever met.  She never complained once when Shane pulled her hair or used her as leverage to pull himself up.

When we weren't with family or friends we were exploring the surrounding beaches of Donegal and enjoying the  gorgeous weather  we were lucky enough to have.  I think it only rained once the whole 2 weeks! - The luck of the Irish, indeed.


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