Never to Part

 jacket- Topshop
dress- vintage
bag- Clare V
shoes- Saltwater sandals

I guess I wanted to get to the point where  I missed taking outfit photos before I started taking them again. Lo and behold I'm actually at that point-- granted, a bit rusty and not to mention the wind was not making it easy to get any decent shots yesterday morning, but I'm posting these anyway! :0  This dress is one of the survivors of the massive closet clean out that I just did.  I'd say I got rid of about 8 Ikea bags worth of stuff and it feels fantastic.  Now its so much easier to see what wearable clothing I have -- I'm making it a point to only hang onto pieces I  LOVE and not just feel ho-hum about. And I'm definitely gonna hang on to the Osh Kosh wearing kid in the photos, hehe.  Shane is 10 months old now, believe it or not, and every bit the little mischievious scamp.  One of the things I love about him is that if he's not in the mood to smile, he just doesn't.  Strangers that meet him when he's int that mood comment on how serious he seems to be, but really he's just "keepin it real."  Like he's saying "i'll smile when I feel like it,ok?" hah. Anway, I included some bonus photos below that show him throwing on the charm 100%.



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