We're taking the little guy back to meet his Irish half of the family for a few weeks.  Should be interesting flying with a 12 week old.  Wish us luck and enjoy 25% off in our absence.  Orders will ship as soon as we're back on the 25th.  Thanks for your patience and happy shopping! xoxo
p.s. yes, we're late to the party, but now you can follow our vintage adventures on instagram...


  1. Hi Maria,
    Have a wonderful safe trip to Ireland. Good luck travelling with the baba but I am sure everyone here is chomping at the bit to meet him!
    Not my wedding of course haha! And I wish I was a wonderful visual merchandiser. I am a jack of all trades and, for my sins, work as an actor when I can. Have just finished a hectic theatre tour and am now working full time for a few months as parish secretary to my priest! Balancing it with a few theatre bits and bobs before another play next year! I would love to send you something for the baba, email me your address if you don't mind but if it's too personal don't worry.
    Enjoy Donegal in the Autumn!


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