Miramar Beach

dress- Madewell / bag- Madewell / scarf- vintage / shoes- Madewell
One thing I've found since being a parent-- it makes you do everything a hell of a lot quicker.  Things that I used to be able to spend time on until they were to my satisfaction-- (like hair, makeup, ironing my outfit) have taken a backseat to taking care of Shane.  As long as I'm out of the house fully clothed and looking like some semblance of my former self  (20 pounds more to go!!), then that makes me a happy enough these days.  Besides, who's really looking at me when I've got this little darling in my arms? 
These were taken on my birthday yesterday after lunch with my family at the Miramar Beach Restaurant in Half Moon Bay.  Its got a pretty interesting history as  bootleggers pit stop and bordello. You can see photos of the place here


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