Easter Showers

trench coat- Zara (a couple years ago) | dress- 1960s vintage | shoes- vinatge Ferragamo | bag- J.Crew
This little 1960s lavender number I bought last month on my mini vacation down to L.A.  Besides the color it was the collar I fell for right away-- They just don't make collars the way they did in the 1960's anymore don't you agree?  It really was the heyday of the of the perfect collar before the 1970s sort of exagerrated things in ways that can certainly be heinous at times.  This lilac saddlebag I  bought to add a dose of spring to my wardrobe which works great especially on days when I'm not dresesed up like a giant colored easter egg. :)


  1. Absolutely adorable dress! You look lovely in it :)

  2. aww, you look lovely in this dress, and I am not a lavender fan when it comes to clothing, but this hue is just so nice, and a perfect match with the bag. And that collar is just awesome!

  3. haha i quite like the giant easter egg look ;) and that collar is AMAZING, that dress really is special. i'd wear it all day every day

    xo Marlen
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  4. oh wow, that is the prettiest purple! lucky you finding that dress, the collar is amazing too. dressing like an easter egg is underrated! :)

    little henry lee


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