Cinema Style: The Group

This was a great movie if just for the fashion alone! It was made in 1966, but it's set in the 1930s so its really fun to see the 60's interpreting the 30s: lots of long bias cut dresses,tailored menswear inspired suits and tons of great hats!  Its basically the story of a group of college girlfriends as they graduate from Vasaar and each go their separate ways against the backdrop of New York City. The film follows them through the entire decade and eventually touches on the beginning of WW II so we see a teeny bit of early 40s as well. The only two stars I recognized were a very young Candace Bergen and Larry Hagman who you might remember from "Dallas" in the 1980s (or those Hanes underwear commercials around the same time). Incidentally The Group was written by the last woman Ernest Hemingway dated before he committed suicide, Mary McCarthy.


  1. what a cute blog! (:


  2. how have I not heard of this movie? I love their vogue poses in the first picture!


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