In Bloom


cardigan- vintage | dress- Asos | shoes- Rachel Comey

After what felt like an extra cold winter (by Bay Area standards anyway),  it finally feels like Spring is slowly arriving.  Its been a succession of blue skies and cherry blossom kind of days , and though its still cold enough for tights on most days, I've been testing the waters with bare legs here and there. Its funny if I were to swap out the Rachel Comey boots with Doc Martens and I'd be duplicating an almost exact outfit I used to wear in high school.  Though I'm not going to mention what year that was let's just say that flannel shirts and Nirvana were all the rage... :)

Spring has sprung in the shop as well. Come take a peek!


  1. Looking lovely in your gorgeous outfit! Please send some of those signs of Spring my way!

  2. super pretty! I love floral dresses with boots too, I think it has something to do with those grunge years.... eheh, I think we're the same age.
    No signs of spring here yet, though...


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