Paris Without End

Hadley and  Ernest, shortly after meeting in 1920
the Hemingway's wedding day, September 1921

bustling Paris of the 1920's, the Hemingway's stomping ground

the near 30 year old (gasp!) bride

Ernest's early passport photo

Ernest Ernest, hadley and Bumby skiing in Germany, 1923

Ernest and Pauline Pfieffer Hemingway.  They ended up divorced as well,  with Ernest marrying twice more.

Hadley Richardson Hemingway, was Ernest Hemingway's first wife,  7 years his senior, mother to their son Bumby, whom Ernest  later divorced in order to marry her close friend, Pauline Pfieffer, an editor at American Vogue. Thats pretty much all I knew about the first Mrs. Hemingway, with  whom Ernest spent the better part of the 1920s in Paris with, besides what I had read about her in A Moveable Feast.  So when the book, Paris Without End: the True Story of Ernest Hemingway's First Wife was brought to my attention, I devoured it right away.  It was a fascinating read, mainly focusing on their young marriage ,their life together in Paris of the 1920s and how Hadley dealt with the double betrayal by her best friend and husband and the subsequent breakup of  her  marriage. I don't want to give too much away, but at any rate,  this book is a must-read if you like biographies and history.  It shed light on why Hemingway fell in love with Hadley, why she fell in love with Hemingway and why  they both seeemed to retain a deep love for each other till the end of their days. 


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