Going Dutch

cape- Leohmann's
lace shell- 1960s vintage
skirt- 1970s vintage (and altered)
tights- Hue
shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo
bag- Francsco Biasia

 ever bought an item of clothing that ends up sitting in your closet, barely worn for a year or two, but then all of sudden one day you notice it and start wearing the hell out of it? that's the story with me and this little cape. for some reason i just can't get enough of it these days. it may have something to do with the warmish fall weather we're having and the fact that it's got some of the warmth of a sweater but more "aerated," if you will. that's part of the irony about the bay area-- as soon as you're ready to start wearing your fall tights and sweaters, it starts getting warm--it's such a cruel joke!

took these photos last saturday in golden gate park after lunch at the beach chalet (the food was meh, but the view of the ocean and the cocktails were fantastic,  which more than made up for it).  afterwards we walked over to the dutch garden in the park, one of my favorite spots in the city where the flowers are always in bloom and you can pretend you're in the netherlands for the afternoon.


  1. love the tights! amazing outfit x

  2. i was wondering where you found a windmill! I want your wardrobe Maria, that is all

  3. this is such a cute fall look! i've personally been loving the weather in sf, of late. such a nice departure from the hot & always humid south.

  4. Sadly I didn't get to Dutch Park when I visited SF years ago, it makes for excellent pictures! Your cape is wonderful, it looks vintage. I often 'rediscover' pieces of clothing or jewelry, sometimes a current trend will rekindle my love of something.

  5. So pretty! I love all the pieces. The cape is so awesome and I've been on the look out for a chambray skirt too. The shoes are on every girls wish list, am I right? haha. Beautiful!

  6. How do you manage to look so perfect all the time? I want what you have!

  7. goodness lady you've certainly outdone yourself with this outfit...hands down my ultimate fave thus far!

  8. ah! I haven't been able to comment on your blog some reason (?!?!?!???) but now i can, hurray. Look at you, in that darling cape, i love it when you rediscover garments like that. Your red tights and ferragamos (jealous) look wonderful!
    Woman! we are shoe soul mates.

  9. I love everything about this outfit!


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