Style Spotlight: Chantal Goya

This week's style spotlight shines on French Chanteuse, Chantal Goya. I first discovered her in Godard's film, Musculin Feminin, where she basically plays herself, a newly discovered pop-singer, opposite Jean-Pierre Leaud. It's a new wave film so interpretation is varied, but I viewed it as an anti-war film exploring themes of the male-female dynamic, stylishly done against a French-pop backdrop (I did, really). At any rate, Goya shines as a doe-eyed doll with her fringed bob and innocent beauty.
Goya was one of the "Ye-Ye" girls of the 1960-s. The term was a sarcastically coined by a writer for the French daily, Le Monde, whom disdainfully referred to the American influenced, French-pop fever that taken over that part of the world. "The children of Marx and Coca-Cola" smirked Godard at the time.

Goya went on to become a popular children's entertainer, but let us take a moment to see her in all her "Ye-Ye" glory of the 1960s.


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