Friday, January 28, 2011

New 'Do and my Favorite Bracelet

As the result of a miser's attempt to get a cheaper haircut & color last week, I went to a new hairstylist that was half the price of my regular stylist (who I've been going to for years and adore).  I was simply just being earnest in my attempt to be  more budget conscious in 2011.  The color turned out fine, but the cut was a long razored mess (which will remain undocumented and simply a bad memory) and so yesterday I went to my steady lady, Rory at Cowboys and Angels, and had her chop it all off.  I'm quite happy with the results, but ironically I just spent a little more than I would have spent if I had just gone to her in the first place! My lesson learned for trying to cheap-out on my hair-- "never go to another stylist if you're happy with the one you've got!"

And thought I'd take this opportunity to show you my favorite bangle bracelet in the world bought at an antique faire years ago. It's got a buckle closure that I love and the name "Helen" etched onto it. They don't make 'em like this anymore, do they? I'm sure Helen would agree.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

♥ Shop Update: Red Alert! ♥

The last few days I've spent listing lots of neutrals plus pops of red.  Perfect for Valentine's or anytime you feel like getting noticed.  Hope you enjoy!

♥ All available on the first page of the shop right now! ♥

When Bright is just Right!

Pulled out my bright wool coat from several years ago that I was debating selling just a few short months ago.  But what do you know, all of a sudden it just seems right to go bright again. But of course I just couldn't bear to wear it without doing my nails my favorite shade of red.  I've got a thing for these two colors together.  The boots are new acquisition  courtesy of Pineapple Mint Vintage .  I needed a comfy pair of pale boots-- these fit the bill (and the budget) just perfectly!

coat, Fornarina c. 2007
boots, 80s vintage
nail polish, "Who's She Red" by Essie

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Women

I finally saw this film that is known as a classic in circles of those who know and  love their film.  It was so sharp and witty and some of the greats were in it:  Norma Shearer, Joan Fontaine (one of my personal favorites), Rosalind Russell and Joan Crawford to name a few.  Each of these ladies gets to play off their real-life personas-- Crawford plays the bitchy "other woman", Shearer plays the injured but proud wife and Fontaine plays the sweet but naive young friend.  Crawford and Shearer supposedly had an off-screen rivalry that played into the plot line perfectly.  I have to wonder if that was PR made up by the studio to get folks interested in the film, or if it was really true.

Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer & Rosalind Russel

It is a must-see especially for vintage lovers-- there is a fashion show scene that is especially breathtaking-- my husband had to wipe the drool off my chin after this amazing sequence.

There's a couple of scenes in a women's spa/ gymnasium.  It was interesting to see what ladies wore while working out in the 1930s.  We've come a long way in that department (down, that is!). 

Aptly titled, The Women, as you won't see one man through the length of the film!

On of my favorite characters was a the plucky cowgirl named Miriam, played by Paulette Goddard.  She had a small part, but she kind of steals every scene she's in with her charm.  She's such a doll!
Paulette Goddard

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

♥ Shop Update: Into the Forest ♥

1940s vintage RUPP-TAURECK couture cardigan

1960s vintage FRIENDSHIP CHAIN fair isle sweater

1970s vintage DEEP EMERALD  wool skirt

1980s vintage CREAMSICLE italian made lace-up ankle boots

1950s vintage PAINTED FLORAL party dress

1960s vintage PENDLETON all wool coat

1960s vintage FUNNEL NECK mohair blend  hand knit sweater

In the shop at the moment: warm wooly separates and foliage themed pieces, perfect for a walk in the woods (or just staying in and watching a nature program on tv).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun in the Fields

Inspired by this post on Vintage Seen's lovely blog, I wanted to show you my favorite two snapshots that I've found recently.  I meant to give these away as gifts but they're just too pretty to part with.  I believe they were taken in the 1940s sometime, judging by the romper and the camera she's holding, but they have this timeless quality that I just am in love with...  I'm also wondering if that's a giant flask in her hand in the first one-- well, whatever her reason for joy is , it's certainly captured on film.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter in the Shakespeare Garden

Sounds like the name of a really good movie, doesn't it?  In reality it was just a mystically rainy afternoon a few weeks ago spent in one of my favorite parts of Golden Gate Park, the Shakespeare Garden
As we were leaving the garden, a Japanese tourist was walking in by herself with a tripod in her hand-- I got all excited about it because I'm always threatening my husband that if he doesn't take good pics I'll replace him with the tripod (I don't think I could ever really do that outside of my own house, I would feel silly)
so I blurted out "tripod!" to her like I had a nervous tic or something... luckily she couldn't speak English, because I don't think I was trying to say anything else other than stating the obvious that yes indeed, she had a tripod and was about to take some pictures of herself. She just kind of gave me a puzzled look and finally said "tri-pod," back to me, then I excitedly said "you have a tripod!" and nodded my head. It was a weird little exchange but hopefully I affirmed her tripod use for that day. Just call me cultural ambassador of San Francisco.  She was probably thinking, "what a strange American girl, never saw a tripod before."

coat,  Marc New York
pointelle sweater, 1970s vintage
wool skirt, 1970s vintage
boots, Jeffrey Campbell
cameo pin, vintage via my mom
bag, Francesco Biasia

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Outfit du Jour: Herman & Me

Just came back from the flea market and scored this lovely  portrait of a little doggie gent named "Herman."  I've been drawn to portraits of pets lately-- I  think it's so sweet when people love their furry friends enough to actually paint or have a painting commissioned of them.   It's funny that it's signed with #1 next to his name, so  there was probably a whole series done of him!  This one's going right under "Bunny." 

Regarding the outfit, it was freezing cold (by S.F. standards anyway), so I picked out all my warmest gear but I was STILL freezing my ass off in this outfit:  I wore my wool pants, my favorite thick wool sweater and my ultra-cozy vintage rabbit fur coat and cashmere beret to keep my head warm but was still cold.  At one point my feet were so cold it was painful-- I would take one step and then start  flexing them so that they wouldn't go completely  numb altogether (I'm sure I looked like a freak but better than frozen toes!).  Anyway, for those of you who live where it actually snows, I'll just shut up now about the weather. ♥

bunny jacket, vintage Christian Lacroix
sweater, vintage
pants, French Connection
boots, Elizabeth and James via Loehmans
beret, Liz Claiborne
woven belt, Linea Pilea via Loehman's
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